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Tuesday 6 October 2020

Airlines & Other International Passenger Carriers Should Be Left To Flounder Without Taxpayer Bailout In Covid19

(This "Airlines" commentary originally posted on Reddit under a sub-Reddit called "Political Discussions" with 987K members on 6th October 2020. But was rejected on the basis of "karma" points - see below! This is flagrant technocracy controlling freedom of expression.)

As manifold reasons suggest, airlines and such related industry as fright and cruise-line shipping have thrived and burgeoned since the advent of low-cost aircraft passengers flights and international trade in the 1970s.We vaguely remember Sir Freddy Laker and his attempt to break into the natural monopoly of national-airline carrier British Airways at the time in the UK.

Up to 2001, when so-called terrorist aeroplanes crashed into the twin Trade Towers in New York, America, the airline industry and by implication international passenger travel has grown at an alarming rate. Similar parallels can be drawn with related transport industry sub-sectors in developed countries.

"Alarm" due to known and intended consequences wreaked on climate and environment by the exponential use of fossil-fuels in transportation. These emergent "gypsy-like" traveller class of holiday-makers and subsequent mass migration. Former flargely transported from relatively rich countries and latter class from developing countries.

Sticking with the specific example, these largely monopoly national airline carriers allowed the world to get smalller. As did, around similar time, the growth of international shipping freight, in the name of business expansion and growth via international trade.

This "business-expansion" in the name of "economic growth" by initially American and European conglomerates led to "globalisation of everything". A growth sponsored and backed by their respective and successive governments as source of prosperity for the people since JFK in USA, and others elsewhere. From fast-food and novel drinks (McDonalds + Coca Cola) to widespread inter-racial marriages and homogenous culture-spread via Hollywood, and "Friends" tv-series televised globally through national television networks.

The complete globalisation of media has led to the international boon and bane of covid19; among other deliberate intention of coalescing media and corporate power around the "international capitalists"  were media barons. National sovereign socio-political and economic structures have also been grouped as innocuous sounding "multilateral agencies". The UN, Nato, World Bank, IMF, etc are the hijacked bodies of "globalisation of everything". Incidentally, W.H.O  in 2020 joined that illustrious list of multilateral agencies setup to promoting trade, financial-harmony, world-peace and now health? Pun intended!

These above rationales are not anecdotal observations but mere common-sense conclusions which can be backed-up by valid statistics (as opposed to manipulated statistics presented for cov-id19) . Such as the Baltic Freight Transport Index, as indicator of the growth in international trade, and other such benchmark measurement of passenger and product transportation growth between 1970 to 2001 and beyond.

Please do comment as appendage to the brief outlines of many relevantly co-joined ideas above - not necessarily as criticism or plauditary but as debate commentary.

(This is an excerpt of themes developed by author Krishna Siva on his enterprise's little-trodden website: www.fundportfoliomanagement.com & their #NoSmokeWithoutFire:OfReputation aka #NSWF:Reputation)

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