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Fund Portfolio Management - FPM
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The Triumvirate of FPM Enterprise

TPM / Convergence
M&A of Alternative Kind

The independent consultant model for servicing asset management and their investors stems from FPM managing principal's experience of various fund products through the business cycles.

This milieu's evolutionary interplay between traditional management and Alternative Investment Management (AIM), such as hedge funds and private equity, self-styles FPM as an intermediary in “The Convergence Story” marketing. 

An industry's evolution has tended to result in specialised boutique operations being subsumed to preserve institutional scale integrity and ambitions. FPM's second enterprise essentially arranges a "key-man" driven boutique operations with incumbent and aspiring institutional investment manager firms. This is our enterprise entitled "Mergers and Acquisition of the Alternative Kind" or shortened to "MandA of the Alt. Kind".

The catalyst in the asset management evolution or "Creative-Destruction" is the alignment of interests or creating a level playing field between traditional and alternative asset management. FPM accredits "reputation risk" to emerging boutique asset management and established institutional asset management via the "No Smoke Without Fire" enterprise.

FPM’s AuM objectives mantra:

Industry Intelligence into Due Diligence for Enterprising Execution

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