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NoSmokeWithoutFire:Of Reputation
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NSWF:Reputation Posters

(from series #1 to *#8)

#1 NSWF:Reputation  - Definition

#7 NSWF:Reputation Blacklist Reminder

*#8 NSWF:Reputation Special Award

N.B. *#8 NSWF:Reputation was Special Award highlighting the mould-breaking extent of reputation-carry. Each and every opinion, action and even 'idle talk' can carry one's weight of consideration.

Thomas van Koch, Head of Swedish private-equity busines "EQT Partners", was quoted as suggesting Britons should remain in the European Union; FMT originators were so incensed by his self-aggrandized interference in British democracy for his vested interests that we would formally perpetuate into time what English vernacular would think of such a propagandist - "a cock!".  

Of Reputation Risk - A "Short-Sell" Propaganda Enterprise

From our published re-introduction of "Reputation Risk", initially centred on the opaque burgeoning world of alternative investment management, FPM presents "No Smoke Without Fire: Of Reputation" - also abbreviated to "NSWF:Reputation" (with first-draft preview of logo left).

NSWF enterprise is aimed at promoting 'good practices and fair ideals' by exposing and discrediting  individuals and institutions acting perfidiously (see below our inaugural poster list). In a polemical way to how long positions have hedging short positions, so it is that FPM's NSWF:Reputation is a counterweight to false public relations communications. The way information can be manipulated and framed by press agents, lobbyists, pressure groups and the like in the public relations industry can sometime verge on hysterical fantasy; not merely fraudulently false! For example, proverbially 'keeping a lid on a truth' can result in information-flow framed as a false narrative distraction to the actual intrinsic intended meaning.  

At FPM we are all only too aware of complicity and blatant untruths or lies dressed-up and glossed-over to purvey a positive or altered image to a sinister dark world.  As significant as a "PhotoShop" tool is to picture editing and "touching-up", public relations is to the immense world of professional media and publicity. The intended cluster population minds are affected and influenced in their knowledgeable judgement by these askew misleading communications. Established slick yet covert PR-companies such as Sard Verbinnen and Co are behind the masquerade which has long distorted the efficiency of capitalism. NSWF is justifiably an anti-PR enterprise. An enterprise without discrimination delivering calumny on sordid or disreputable modus operandi where applicable. While satirizing sleaze in the world of asset management we also aim to promote 'sleave' tags.  

As pertaining to alternative investments and asset management in broader scope, the prior generation of established money managers like Fidelity Investments, Vanguard Group, Eaton Vance Corporation have been perturbed from their asset-gathering growth slumber by the brash and bold tactics of the latest upstarts, who often produce incredulous too-good-to-be-true investment returns as spectacular performance. Emerging asset managers in the vogue hedge funds sector may find the levelling of playing fields a necessity when competing with entrenched unscrupulous mega money management firms.   

In the mentioned  publication about reputation risk FPM's managing principals chronicled the systemic "Insider Trading", or violation of  Rule 10b-b of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, by Steven A. Cohen's SAC Capital (now a sidelined family office shut-off from managing external monies with new makeover name Point72 Asset Management) and his cabal. In the report's section aptly entitled "Spreading Like Wildfire" we also question the integrity and reputation of Mr Cohen's affiliates and their complicity, including investors who feign confusion regards financial malfeasance, like the Peter Peterson and Stephen A. Schwarzman's partnership, now a public listed titan in asset management, Blackstone Group [BX].

FPM identifies the "whistleblower" term and practice as opportunely pertinent in the multi-media communication technology of the present day. Professional whistle-blowing is the counter point to "whispers" and "nudge-and-wink" deal making and secrecy practices. Practices which are regulated and in essence illegal, but hypocritically designed to be exploited, which ultimately results in disintegration of capital market integrity. The wider population through their long-term savings such as pensions, which are majority  invested in the capital markets, materially  do not have a "level playing field". The custodians of the people's savings, such as the Fidelitys of the asset management industry are themselves protecting self-vested interests rather than true guardianship of our hard-earned assets.

We strongly believe the rational for our "reputation" enterprise is backed by traditional 'long only' asset management firms as well as the emerging ones who are seeking to a) optimise the onslaught from alternative "fraud-risky" managers, b) lessen the harm to their clients' portfolio from 'sharp' practices, and c) in general, to level the playing field from systemic-wide malfeasance.

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