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Friday 8 November 2019

Brexit:Winner DOESN'T Take It All

What is unfathomably UNUSUAL at least in my mind, is the perversion and corruption of the “Leave” result of the 2016 European Union referendum.

In our first-past-the-post system of voting or even a simple majority in referendum, I find it astonishing that the “remain” campaign has been emboldened and active three-and-half years after the decision of the mentioned referendum. If there is to be no finality of decision where 17.4 million people of the electorate participated, and in the passage of time the losing campaign want to overturn that decision, then certain past election results retrospectively can also be made null-and-void. This critique is also extended to parallels of the Scottish Independent referendum.

Why don’t we the people / “demos” have different referendums on variety of issues all the time – and the Brexit impasse has highlighted the less than noble integrity of the representative democracy in the House of Commons? Jeremy Corbyn has pledged referendums if Labour Party is elected in this vital General Election 2019. As a staunch “leaver” I can just about stomach that (and if “remain” wins we’ll campaign in time to reverse that decision – haha!). I believe that’s why the EU referendum leaflet we ALL received mentioned akin to “once in a generational vote” - remainers don’t geddit!
The Anti-Hero: Corbyn (Source: Twitter)
A local case in point of how Parliamentary representative democracy deceives the British people: the previous Tory Battersea MP was an “IN” voter but decided to respect the “national” majority of Euref 2016 and campaigned “OUT” of EU. And indeed in fairness to sitting MP Marsha De Cordova, her “Remain” stance is representative of her constituency vote, which was pro-Brexit by some 62%, I believe. In contrast to Marsha, another local Labour Party MP for Vauxhall Kate Hoey, in her constituency voted to remain in EU, but she has vociferously supported “leave” result. And here’s the rub of the double-speak dissemble we don’t know how the respective MPs actually voted at the secret ballot in EUREF’16.
Brexit Results Conundrum (Source: Twitter - pending validity check)
From the unverified graphisc above we have a remainer Parliament with 486 Remain MPs, at odds with 406 Leave voting constituencies. Democracy in the UK is alive and kicking - Bah!

And here we are, Wednesday's dissolution of the House of Commons for the General Election 2019 on December 12th. There is only one clear vote for the Britons eligible to vote, that can gain a majority and pass through a Brexit deal of any kind and an even unlikely Remain referendum choice.
All other options are distraction and likely to split House of Commons and back at the same standstill / impasse. Britons were here in 1979 with country at standstill from Union strikes but this time its Parliament bringing the country to standstill - who was ushered in as PM then?!

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