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Thursday 15 March 2018

Plutocracy Plots With Trump


President of the USA Donald Trump: Examplification of Wealth in Politics (Source FPM, Twitter)

[This is an exqusite excerpt and edited narrative used by FundPortfolioManagement to understand explain and interpret the paramount risk of today #Geopolitics other than #climatechange - q.v. footnotes] 

Masterful and arrogant wealth, known as “Plutocracy”, created largely by Government protection of its profits, not content with its domination and influence within a single party of Republicans, had sought to corrupt them both. And to that end had insinuated itself into the primaries, in order that no candidates might be nominated whose views were not in accord with theirs. Such was the political socio-economic system of American democracy that manifested in turns the “Capital Crook” Clintons and “Black Lives Matter” Obama.

By the use of all the money that could be spent, by a complete and compact organization and by the most infamous sort of deception regarding their real opinions and intentions, Plutocracy had succeeded in electing its “Apprentice Trump” creature to the Presidency. There was no longer a need for the middle-men “politiciansRcriminals” at the White House. Plutocracy had a “corruption fund” of millions of dollars with which to mislead those that could be misled, and to debauch the weak and uncertain.

Plutocracy had a marvelous aptitude for political manipulation and organisation, and with President Trump’s malversation they forged a subtle chain with which to hold in subjection the natural impulses of the people. Sometimes the public had been mistaken as to the true character of their Presidential office. “Wealth” or “the interests” was openly for or against certain men and measures.

Trump’s first move was to confer with Plutocracy, the high priests of finance, and unfold his plan to them, explaining how essential was secrecy. Plutocracy’s influence throughout commercial America was absolute. Their wealth, their ability and even more the sum of the capital they could control through the banks, trust companies and industrial organisations, which they dominated, made their word as potent as that of a monarch.

Trump then transferred these corruption-fund amounts to the private bank of his son-in-law perhaps, who would then become final paymaster. The result was that the public had no chance of obtaining any knowledge of the corruption fund or how it was spent. The plan was simple, the result effective. He had no one to interfere with him. It was a one man power which in the hands of one possessing ability of the first class, is always potent for good or evil.

Not only did Trump win the Presidency, but he also planned to bring under his control both the Senate and the Supreme Court. He counted upon having a good majority of the Senate, because there were already fifty-one Republican Senators upon whom he could rely in any serious attack upon corporate wealth. As to the Supreme Court, of the nine justices there were three that were what he termed "safe and sane," and another two that could be counted upon in a serious crisis. Then there would be an easy working majority.

Trump’s plan contemplated nothing further than this. His intention was to block all legislation adverse to the interests. He would have no new laws to fear, and of the old, the Supreme Court would properly interpret them. The President was the centre, and from him radiated everything appertaining to measures affecting "the interests".

Get Ready for the First Shocks of Trump’s Disaster Capitalism -Naomi Klein - January 24 2017

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