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Tuesday 9 September 2014

Somethings got to give: Mr Martoma’s Family Cannot Bear Burden Alone

In all sense of U.S. Justice Mathew Martoma CANNOT BE SERIOUSLY given nine years prison sentence for his insider trading securities fraud when the man Steven A. Cohen and his eponymous firm S.A.C. Capital that he committed these crimes for walks free after grease-palming the justice system of the Americas! “Something surely gotta give!”, seems an appropriate declaration to suggest that this is NOT THE END of the SAC-saga. A saga very much degraded as much as it was chronicled by institutionally pandering mainstream financial press; but veritably recorded and actively disseminated by Fund Portfolio Management –FPM. Principals at FPM have focused on insider trading protagonists at SAC Capital, and its reputationally smeared investor Blackstone Group under our “No Smoke Without Fire: Of Reputation Risk”. See our first blog post “No Smoke Without Fire!”. 

Mr Martoma must be utterly devastated and wholly indignant with the penultimate outcome (he is naturally appealing the sentence!), after multi-years judicial proceedings. And it is that bitter emotion and pervasive discontent feeling that should consume him inside-out through the sentence appeal and ultimately towards righteous and natural justice prevailing in the end. No! FPM are not evangelical preachers, but as an aspiring and integral high priest class of financial investments.

For integral justice to prevail and for restoration of real ‘animal spirits’ i.e. confidence (as opposed to smokescreen and mirror tricks of pump-&-priming from QE et al) in the crooked financial and judicial systems are vivid evidence of enforcement and punishment for wrongdoing. Mr Martoma should cut a deal with prosecutors towards humbling beyond-everyday-justice billionaire Mr Cohen. FPM are heeded from our previous announcement in early June via a post entitled “The Calm Before The Storm: SAC Takeaways – Part 1”:

…Mathew Martoma’s sentencing could yet herald a fault line of tremors for Mr Cohen personally and set a precedent for the hedge fund industry…

…FPM expects the severity of the formulaic and deterrent-message in the sentencing to be significantly monumental

…additionally, to induce Mr Martoma to co-operate with US prosecutors given the 6-8 years sentencing we expect...

Mr Martoma would proffer the main cull for the baying public anger and show some moral rectitude rather than be the sacrificial lamb for Mr Cohen.”

That Judge Paul G. Gardephe exceeded sentencing guidelines of the U.S. Government’s probation department DOES INDEED send a signal to would-be corrupters of the capital market integrity. However, the message is largely diluted because the head of “web-of-securities-fraud” Mr Cohen has evaded ANY sort of punishment. Americans used to say the “The Buck stops here!”; if blame is not laid at the helm of S.A.C. Capital then the message of the severe sentence, full confiscation and its exemplification suggests “don’t get caught if you cheat” or worse still, “don’t cheat unless you can afford it”. The old English adage that has gotten corrupted by revisionist colonists reacting to “chip-on-shoulder” syndrome, with incorrigible migration from developing nations, is “If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime!

The risk of getting caught is increasingly seen as “cost of doing business”, yet hedge funds and banks do not set aside capital for ‘risqué practices’, though executive heads knowingly and publically take “the three-wise-monkeys” attitude. In FPM’s “NSWF: Of Reputation Risk” enterprise this is one of the hedge fund due diligence aspects of operational affairs. Judge Gardephe aptly sensing that any financial confiscation from Mr Martoma via forfeitures would be reimbursed by Mr Cohen, has accordingly set a high watermark in sentencing. Philosophically speaking, can Mr Cohen compensate Mr Martoma, his beautiful wife Rosemary (one for Mr Martoma's wall!), and their three children for a father and his 9 years’ absence from family?   

Mathew's Martoma Beautiful Wife
This above article is FPM integral views on capital market for the new millennia. Please contact kks@fundportfoliomanagement.com for advisory services on our “NSWF: Of Reputation Risk” enterprise.

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